The culture of social networks

Social networks have come a long way since the old days of bulletin boards and discussion forums. Yes, they are technically social networks too and they do still exist! Technologically speaking, the social networks all vie with each other, trying to get the upper hand. A lot of copying goes on, which means as soon [...]

When is the best time to read a tweet?

A lot of thought goes into making a blog, a post, a tweet or what ever you want to call it. Seriously! People spend ages creating great copy, coupled with fantastic images and super SEO. Then that dreadful moment arrives, where their treasured post is ready for consumption (not TB) and they are faced with [...]

Puddings and assorted fruit

Yesterday (3rd September 2013) Google and Nestlé announced the next version of Android (4.4 and not 5) will be called KitKat. Yummy! Android has had many desert related names for itself and then of course we have Apple and Blackberry. So... Why are we obsessed with naming our mobile  devices after food? Let's start with [...]

Google+, the social spine of… everything?

Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President in charge of Google+, is quoted as saying that Google+ is "the social spine" of Google. Well I disagree! I think Google+ is going beyond being "the social spine" of all things Google and will soon become the social spine of everything on the internet. It all started with the +1 [...]

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