You may have heard that Google+ is a Ghost Town. Well listen up, because this is the first ever Google+ Most Haunted, where we will reveal the spooky fiends that are perpetuating that myth!

Google+ Is Walking Dead

Back in 2014, long time Ghost Buster and commander of Google+ Vic Gundotra, left for pastures new. The tech gossipers were quick to seize on the opportunity to write something click worthy and it was titled Google+ Is Walking Dead. It appeared in TechCrunch and was posted by these two walking dead.

Ghost Profile
Name: Alexia Tsotsis
Google+ Profile:
Number of G+ followers: 89,259
Total public posts on G+ since joining: 31
Date of first G+ post: 29 Jun 2011
Date of last G+ post: 11 Jan 2012
Ghost Profile
Name: Matthew Panzarino
Google+ Profile:
Number of G+ followers: 6,051
Total public posts on G+ since joining: 21
Date of first G+ post: 30 Jun 2011
Date of last G+ post: 21 Jun 2013

Wow. They sure have a lot of G+ followers, considering neither has posted anything for quite some time. Then again, people still follow Elvis so I guess it is okay.

Hey Google! Here’s why Google+ is still a ghost town

Another baseless article about the supposed failure that is Google+, posted on 14th July 2014. You can read it here if you really want to. The author speaks from the heart about all of Google’s and Google+’s failings. Who is he anyway? I don’t know, I had to Google him.

Ghost Profile
Name: Chris Abraham
Google+ Profile:
Number of G+ followers: 127
Total public posts on G+ since joining: 6
Date of first G+ post: 11 Dec 2014
Date of last G+ post: 29 Jan 2015

Wow. It must have taken some unholy powers from beyond the grave to write about something before you have even used it.

Data shows Google+ is a bit of a ghost town

The data doesn’t lie, or does it? You decide. Posted 20th Jan 2015 and the author?

Ghost Profile
Name: Selena Larson
Google+ Profile:
Number of G+ followers: 1,116
Total public posts on G+ since joining: 11
Date of first G+ post: 22 Dec 2012
Date of last G+ post: 22 May 2014

Oh dear, more commentary from the walking dead?

Is Google+ really full of the walking dead?

Hells bells no! Here are some fine and dandy people you really should check out. I would dare anyone to say that Google+ is a Ghost Town afterwards.

He may not be at the helm of G+, but he is still very much alive and kicking.

The only celebrity in my list and so much more than Kryten from Red Dwarf.

Donna runs an active community of UK professionals on G+.

Photographer, website owner and SEO ‘guru’ (he’ll hate me for saying that).

Trey makes other photographers envious.

Mike is a very successful tech journalist and vocal G+ advocate.

Martin knows all about putting the plus into business. He’s also a decent guy.

If it wasn’t for Dustin, I wouldn’t have written this blog. Nuff said.

And lastly, me!

Make up your own mind

Google+ is not a ghost town, although it does have its unfair share of ghosts. Don’t take my word for it and certainly don’t take the word of anyone else. It is up to you to decide whether Google+ is a ghost town or not. I will leave you with one piece of advice before you go and decide for yourself though. Life is what you make of it and that it includes social networks, parties, going to the pub, starting a new job, your first day at school, in short anything. Unless you give something a fair whack with the stick, how can you decide?

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