Powervault and a surprise

This episode of Fully Charged is all about Powervault, but there’s a nice surprise right from the start as Maddie Moate makes her first appearance presenting the show alongside Robert Llewellyn. She is most definitely a welcome addition to the Fully Charged team.

Anyway, let’s get onto the nuts and bolts of Powervault. You have all probably heard by now of household battery storage and Powervault in that sense is no different. They are a British company though and have partnered with Renault and Green Energy UK for two reasons.

The first and most obvious is that the battery storage they are creating uses recycled Renault Zoe batteries. In essence those old car batteries get a second life, which is a great as it means you don’t need to go and manufacture a whole new lot. Powervault can and do use new batteries as well, so the choice is yours whether you use recycled batteries or not.

The second reason is that by partnering with an energy supplier (Green Energy UK), they can align their product with an energy saving tariff. What that means in practice is that if you get your energy from Green Energy UK, then you could opt to have Powervault installed which would open up energy saving opportunities for you. With smart meters giving fine grain data and control over your energy supply, you decide when you draw power from the grid.

As explained in the video the immediate benefits aren’t so much for the consumer, but the industry as a whole. During peak times when energy demand is high, batteries will effectively take up the slack and smooth the peaks. When energy demand is low the batteries will be steadily charging and smooth out the troughs. That will in turn make things easier for the energy suppliers and help to bring prices down for everyone.

So finally, here is the episode.

Fully Charged News Panel | Episode 1

It’s Fully Charged in front of a live audience. Lots of topics covered including Elon Musk stepping down from Tesla, direct correlation between air pollution and deaths, massive wind turbines, giant factories and more. Oh and an electric car or two to boot.

All of that and a Q&A at the end. Might explain why it’s an hour long. Sit back and enjoy.

So long and thanks for all the fish

So long and thanks for all the fish

Or maybe… It was our last best hope… it failed.

Insert sci fi quotes at your leisure. G+ was fun while it lasted.


Findings and actions from Project Strobe—a root-and-branch review of third-party developer access to Google account and Android device data and of our philosophy around apps’ data access.

Reclaiming the Word Trump

Are you fed up hearing about Trump?

Smug Trump
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore on flickr

Trump is in the news constantly, not just in the US, but everywhere. In the UK there is something about him every single day. The UK media are obsessed with him and the things he says and does.

Well I for one have had enough. There are other news stories in the world and the word trump is not and should not be synonymous with one person.

So here is my plan. Let’s talk about the other trumps. Let’s share stories about the other trumps. In short, let’s trump Trump and drown out the noise created by him. Continue reading “Reclaiming the Word Trump”

Is there a cloud hanging over Microsoft?

A dark cloud hanging over Microsoft

It’s no secret that Microsoft have been seeing their grip on the software market start to slide. It wasn’t that long ago that Microsoft Office was synonymous with business productivity software. It still is to a large extent, but there are a growing number of individuals and businesses looking elsewhere for their applications.

The same can be said for Windows as well. While PC and laptop sales have been slumping generally, what has been gaining market share in spades? Google Chromebooks, that’s what. Continue reading “Is there a cloud hanging over Microsoft?”

Why you should blog

Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. Blog.People knowledgeable in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques will tell you that you should be creating new content for your website all the time.

This is true! Purely from a search engine perspective, it means the search engines have something new and juicy to crawl through and consume, ready to be regurgitated in search results. Search engines love new content!

Secondly, each time you create a new post, that post is a web page in it’s own right and stands a chance of appearing in search results. Therefore, you will be increasing your chances of appearing in search results. Search engines love new content!

However, people love reading new things too and they are the most important reason for putting anything online. You won’t get repeat visitors to your website if all you have are the same three or four pages that you had two years ago. People love new content!

Similarly, if you write something useful that people may want to actively go and read, you will be doing yourself a big favour. The more useful something is the more chance you have of creating something with evergreen potential that visitors will share and share again. People love new content!

Now, you may be reading this and thinking, “Phshyeah right.” Maybe you don’t know what to blog about, or you feel uncomfortable sharing your thoughts in public.

Well, we all start somewhere and a good place to start is by reading this post by Mike Allton. You Are A Bad Blogger. But That’s OK!

Another tip is to start small if you have to and post something on a social network. It’s called micro blogging for a reason.

The worst thing that can happen is that no one reads your post, but at least you will have tried.